About company

Spare parts for agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, machinery and other machinery and mechanisms mechanisms

PTP "Agrotechmash" LLC is the market leader for the production of spare parts for agricultural machinery of domestic and foreign production.

With strong production and technical complex and highly skilled personnel, our company carries out the design and development of technical documentation, technological support, production of modern equipment particularly complex and precise parts, spare parts, components and other custom orders.


Our facilities are equipped with:

  • CNC machine tools: milling, turning and oxygen plasma cutting.
  • Universal machine tools: milling, turning, hobbing, gear shaping, broaching, grinding, jig boring and others.
  • Hardening equipment: HD installation, hardening, cementation and tempering furnaces.
  • Press equipment: with a force of up to 100tonn.
  • for dynamic balancing equipment.


In a wide range of spare parts for:

  • Beet and botvouborochnaja technology: WIC; HOLMER; MOTRO; SPS4,2; RCM-6; ICC-6; KS-6B; BM-6; MBC 2.7; JRT; and etc.
  • Grain and corn harvesters: CASE; JONDEERE; CLAAS; NEWHOLLAND; DON-1500; KSKU -200 "Khersonets" and others.
  • Headers and baler: JAGUAR; CLAASRoland; GRESSONI, DRAGOOLIMAG and others.
  • Grain and zernoochistnym machines: ZM-60; ZM-60 A; LPP-100; OVS-25
  • Seeders, harrows and cultivators: WIL-RICH; Flexi-Coil; GreatPlains; WISHEK; FargoAire; McFarlaine; 6 CD (CD-4); ZPG-24
  • Fertiliser: RAUX; MIA-900
  • Tractor: CASE Magnum 310; NEW HOLLAND et al.


We produce:

  • Shafts
  • Worm pairs
  • Gears, pinion shafts with straight and oblique teeth to m = 10mm
  • Tapered pair to m = 8mm
  • Sprockets and block stars, wreaths increments from 9.525 up to 160mm
  • The springs tension and compression from 50mm to 40m, flexible shafts
  • Pulleys; bearing housings and gearboxes
  • Levers; knives
  • The screws, the rotor belts, rollers, gear
  • Hammers DKU on Feed mill (all sizes)



  • engine poluramy
  • knuckle
  • Axles cardan
  • Front axle housings
  • Rotor augers
  • We carry out dynamic balancing: screws, rotors, etc..


We are able to supply the bush roller chain and bearings domestic and foreign manufacturers.

We provide applications for you in reasonable time and guarantee high quality of our products






49064 Dnepropetrovsk, st. Marat, 3

tel / fax: 8 (056) 371-01-28, 377-83-55, 371-01-23 (050) 421-50-61


E-mail: agrotehmash@ukr.net (Commercial Division)