Turning works

Turning works - the most common method for the manufacture of parts such as bodies of revolution (valov, discs, shafts, fingers, pins, flanges, rings, bushings, nuts, sleeves, etc..) to turning machines.

We provide a full range of different tokapnyh rabot materialov: steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, brass and tokapnyh on high-tokapno fpezepnyh CNC machines with automatic feed and universal tokapnyh machines. Numerical control of machines allows us to automate rabotu and our customers - to get high-precision products in a short time.

Our company specializes in these kinds of turning works:

• obrabotka outer-cylindrical surface,
• obrabotka externally conical surface,
• obpabatyvayut ends and ledges,
• vytachivanie groove and the groove cutting blanks,
• Surface obrabotka both within the cylindrical and conical,
• drilling and reaming holes and scan,
• male thread napezaniem,
• Female thread napezaniem,
• obrabotka shaped type of surface,
• ribbed rolling method.

Turning to the TAP Ltd. "Agrotechmash", you can count on:

• Fast and correct razrabotku and registration of the necessary documentation
• Quick rendering order - an average of 2 working days (depending on volume).
• High accuracy and use of any obrabotki materialov.
• Reasonable prices (CNC machines allow us to reduce the amount of rabot, and thus - to reduce the cost of services).
• Discounts when ordering serial production.
• Delivery all over Ukraine.


1. Device for the manufacture of bodies of revolution made of wood and other solid materialov called "tokapnym machine" (un tour, turning lathe, Drehbank), known since ancient times; only the "potter's wheel", which serves for the manufacture of circular clay vessels, ancient him.
2. Turned products are in the set between the Egyptian antiquities, and primitive devices and machines still used today in different nations.
3. These two types of machines: Asians are accustomed to squat suit and tokapnye machines corresponding to the custom, and the Europeans have adapted them so that rabotat standing.
4. Tokapny machine was invented about 650 years .. BC. e. It consisted of two coaxially mounted center, between which clamp the workpiece made of wood, bone or horn. Servant or apprentice rotates the workpiece. Master held the chisel in his hands and, holding it in the right place at the workpiece, chip shot, giving the preform a desired shape. Primepno in 1430 began to use the drive, the same pedal-operated sewing mashinki. In 1500, tokapny machine already had steel centers and lunette, which could be reinforced anywhere between centers. At the beginning of the XVIII century, AK Nartov invents original tokapno-profiling and cutting machine with motorized carriage. English machine-Henry Maudsley creates a more advanced design support, close to today, allowing him to the end of the XVIII century to issue tokapny universal machine, which became the basis mashinostroeniya.