Mechanical restoration

Mechanical processing means by a mechanical effect on the workpiece from a variety of materials, which is intended to produce the finished product on the set parameters or blanks for further technical operations. The specifics of machining is quite complicated. To bring the details of the desired size and shape using such processing methods as milling, turning, drilling, grinding, planing. And this is just the basic techniques. Processing by means of milling cutters, cutting tools, drills and other tools used in metal machining. In this case, the basic tool is a turning tool used in the process of turning. Machining should be performed by professionals with extensive experience and impressive material and technical base. The only way to achieve maximum efficiency and safety of the machining process.


Our company offers metal processing using the following types of work:


  1. Milling metal processing;
  2. Turning on automatic machines;
  3. Turning on hand looms;
  4. Cold pressing of sheet metal;
  5. metal heat treatment;
  6. Grinding processing;
  7. Circular treatment;
  8. Surface treatment;
  9. Intragrinding processing;
  10. Hobbing processing;
  11. Cutting teeth;
  12. Slotting work;
  13. Jig-boring works;
  14. Winding screws;
  15. Balancing screws, shafts;
  16. Welding works.


We provide professional machining on time and with maximum quality.


LLC PTE "Agrotechmash" is ready to offer the processing of parts of any complexity from different materials. Our feature is the individual approach to the client. We accept customer's drawings and provide services for their development and improvement, provide services for the metal in accordance with GOST. We can help you improve the dies and molds to reduce the cost of products and reduce material consumption. Quickly and accurately calculate the most projects and offer discounts for wholesale customers. We send products all over Ukraine. With us you will experience the work of professionals!